Business Structures

Business Structures

Portrait of a handsome successful business man busy workingWe have a wealth of experience in advising business owners and entrepreneurs about the appropriate legal structure for your business. Start-ups and new businesses will need to consider from the outset whether or not to incorporate their Business but also may need to consider a Partnership structure or a Limited Liability Partnership. We have experience in advising on all kinds of business structures.

It is vital that shareholders in a company know where they stand. We know the value of clarity and the value of assisting you in creating legal frameworks that generate profit and a rewarding exit. Properly structured Shareholder Agreements and Company Articles are key to helping business owners achieve their goals.

More mature businesses may need to reconsider the structures of their Group. We have considerable experience in company re-constructions including, de-mergers, consolidation, intra-group asset transfers and Section 110 liquidations.

Please see our other web pages dealing with Joint Venture Agreements, and Share Options.

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