Corporate Finance

 Corporate Financebusiness chart showing financial success at the stock market

Businesses often need money for expansion which they cannot generate from their ordinary day to day trading.  The process of raising finance is sometimes referred to as corporate finance.  Heald’s experienced business lawyers will demystify the process and guide you through the legal complexities associated with raising money from banks, equity houses or private investors.

If your company or business is raising finance from a bank we can represent you.  We are highly experienced in carrying out the legal work associated with providing security over property and assets.  We are skilled in representing companies with numerous subsidiaries which have complex asset structures.

Are you thinking of bringing in an investor or a business partner?  We can explain to you the various options available and the appropriate legal framework.  You may need to change the constitution of your company and put forward a shareholder agreement.  We understand the difference between debt and equity and understand the commercial pressures that a new venture may face.

Are you a high tech business, in the software industry or an inventor?  We can advise you on the legal implications of raising finance in different ways.  We are happy to talk to you about ways of dealing with the legal costs beyond the traditional methods.

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