Share Options

Share Options Schemes and Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes

We draft approved and non-approved share incentive schemes including Enterprise Management Incentiveschemes and phantom share options.  We take into account the commercial goals of the business owner and can include shareholder agreements, good leaver, bad leaver provisions, weighted voting rights and exit events such as sale or flotation.


We draft numerous shareholder agreements for start-ups and joint venture agreements.  We will ensure shareholder representation on the joint venture board, management control provisions, and dead-lock resolution provisions.

We carry out pre-sale preparation.  For example we acted for a rail transport consultancy particularly with regard to regularisation of all employee contracts and consultant arrangements including IR35 friendly provisions.

We advise directors about wrongful trading, position of non-executives and respective roles of shareholders and directors.  We can provide company secretarial advice generally.

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