Trading Contracts

Trading Terms and Conditions

We want your trading terms and conditions to be clear and usable by the appropriate people in your organisation. We strive firstly to understand your business and then secondly, tailor your terms and conditions to meet your particular requirements.

For many businesses the preparation of terms and conditions will be their first contact with lawyers. We have experience in acting for many different businesses whether they sell goods or services. We want our clients to have terms and conditions that work for them and can be understood and used by people in their organisation.

For our larger clients or those engaged in providing high level consultancy contract review is a fact of life. We consistently provide practical and prompt advice on on complex consultancy contracts with government departments and with multi-nationals and in relation to IT infrastructure projects.

For example we have been involved in the following:

Drafted terms and conditions for UK company involved in business systems training in product roll-out in Australia.

Advised on contract and tender terms for large-ticket sales of machinery to China and India.

Drafted terms and conditions for shop-fitting company with national customers.

Drafted terms and conditions for major plant hire company.
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