Partnership Disputes

Partnership Disputes

A partnership business is founded on a relationship of trust and good faith between the partners. Causes of serious disputes are wide and similar to those arising between directors of companies. Examples include

  • disagreements can arise over the overall direction and running of the partnership
  • a partner may seek to make personal gain in breach of his duties to the firm
  • general partnership management

Partnership disputes are often acrimonious.

The best outcome for winding up a partnership business relationship is by agreement, perhaps with assistance from an alternative dispute resolution process, such as mediation. In cases where this is not achievable Heald will advise and guide clients on the appropriate court application and procedure.

For more information our specialist litigation solicitors Tom Silverwood-Cope and Adrian Pook would be happy to discuss any problem.

Having been in business for a relatively short period of time, I was involved in a partnership dispute that quickly escalated into a rather nasty situation. Having never previously sought professional legal advice, I was recommended to Heald Solicitors. The aggressive nature of the opposition’s solicitors was countered by a non-confrontational yet firm approach by Heald, which eventually resulted in a very positive outcome for me, saving my business literally thousands of pounts. I now have an excellent working relationship with Simon Daw at Heald and can always rely on his measured advice and considered opinion. I have already recommended his services to my own clients.

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