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Making a Will is, in all honesty, a must for anyone who has assets or who wishes to appoint Guardians for their children. Without a Will the Intestacy Rules will govern what happens to your Estate, often with unexpected consequences. It is not as costly, or as time-consuming, as you may think. Click here to see five reasons why you should have a will. Feel free to call the Department for our latest fixed fees and you may download our short Questionnaire to assist you. Please note that we store Wills free of charge. For further information please see the link on the right to  “Will FAQS”.

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Dealing with the Administration of an Estate can be a daunting prospect. Having expert advice to hand will relieve the worry and stress. We will take you through the early steps of what action should be taken quickly and guide you through the whole process. For further information please see the Probate Advice link to the left. Feel free to call Abigail for further advice and if you would like to download our Probate Questionnaire to help set you on your way please click here.


Trusts are becoming, once again, an important feature in well thought through tax planning. In particular, with regard to pension funds and life insurance policies. If you have a sizeable pension fund, or life insurance policy, then please come and talk to us to find out how you may benefit your loved one’s tax efficiently.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is something which we recommend to all our clients who are of retirement age or approaching retirement. They offer you the advantage of appointing people to help you look after your affairs when you are finding it challenging to do so and who will also be able to speak for you, if you cannot, when it comes to your medical and personal care. The benefits of putting Lasting Powers of Attorney in place are not to be underestimated. We offer a service in which we will assist you in completing the forms, or we can offer you a fuller service, dealing with the matters from start to finish. Read this for more details about  Lasting Powers of Attorney


If someone is unable to manage their affairs, and does not have in place a Lasting Power of Attorney, a Deputy will need to be appointed to manage their affairs for them. If you find yourself in this position we can help you make the Applications and advise and guide you in the whole process.

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‘… on behalf of all of us, I wanted to thank you very much for dealing with Dad’s estate with as much compassion as you have done  and with our best interests at heart.  I know you knew and liked Dad and that came across in our meetings and the way you have looked after the estate so thank you, this has been much appreciated.


‘…your considerate handling of the estate made a massive difference to us at a very difficult time.  I felt at all times that we were in good hands and you had our best interests at heart, and that was the most we could have asked for, so again, thank you.’

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