In The Community

In The Community

Charity Work and Developing Milton Keynes

We recognise our responsibility to put something back into the community from which we make our living. Over the years we’ve sponsored numerous local charities. Partners and colleagues have been represented on the boards of the Chamber of Commerce, arts and sports organisations, the MK Business Leaders Partnership and civic groups. Some of our current involvements are mentioned below.

Extra Mile Challenges


In 2003 Senior Partner Martin Banham-Hall co-founded umbrella charity Extra Mile Challenges with representatives of two local Rotary Clubs. With them Heald co-organises its annual cycling Challenges, where each team of four rides 500 miles in relay through Northern Europe to raise money for charities in and around Milton Keynes. Heald has also been a major financial supporter throughout Extra Mile Challenges” existence, covering overhead costs and subsidising teams” cost of entry.

We”re particularly proud that with our help Extra Mile Challenges has raised well over £1,000,000 for charity. Martin serves on the organising committee, while led by him over 20 Heald colleagues have participated in the Challenges, many on multiple occasions.

Community Impact

In 2014 Heald was a finalist in the hotly-contested Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards for community impact, a competition otherwise dominated by major local and national charities.

Biztech Technology Forum


BIZTECH Technology Forum is a peer to peer group of ICT leaders and professionals from the worlds of business, education and public sectors in Milton Keynes

Biztech’s mission is to provide a platform and voice for the promotion of technology provision within Milton Keynes and North Buckinghamshire.

Biztech organises meetings, lectures and events of interest to foster greater engagement within the community and support the growth of service provision within North Buckinghamshire.”


Destination Milton Keynes

Heald Solicitors have been involved with Destination Milton Keynes (DMK) since its inception. Like DMK, we are committed to the business success of MIlton Keynes and its surrounding area.

Currently David Dees is the Company Secretary of DMK.

DMK represents businesses and public sector bodies involved in leisure and business visits to Milton Keynes and its surrounding area. Accommodation providers and visitors attractions provide the core of DMK’s membership.

DMK contributed significantly to Milton Keynes being named as a Destination Town as part of the FA’s 2018 World Cup Bid. DMK was also a contributor to the creation of Milton Keynes’ new identity is shown below.

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