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None of us want to dwell on our mortality, but making a Will isn’t something you should avoid. During November 2016, Abigail Howson and our Wills and probate team have ten appointments available  to make your Will in return for a minimum donation to Willen Hospice.

Nearly everyone understands they ought to make a Will but we still see examples where families are left to pick up the pieces after losing a loved one.  Sometimes this ends up being a fight for what they believe the deceased would have wanted and such disputes simply cause unnecessary pain and distress.

The top five reasons people put off making a Will:


  1. I don’t need to make a Will, it is obvious my husband/wife should inherit anything after my death.

That isn’t always what happens. If you die without a Will, the law sets out how your estate is divided and your spouse might not receive everything you had intended. Also, if you are in a second marriage, with children from an earlier relationship, you might disinherit them when you don’t mean to. It can be even more complicated if you are cohabiting and don’t have a Will- there is no such thing as common law inheritance


  1. It is difficult to know who to appoint guardians of my children. I will offend my family if I choose a close family friend.

Appointing guardians of your choosing can help provide your children with continuity and security after your death.  Sometimes, friends who know you and your children really well make better guardians than family members. Even if you can’t decide on the guardians, having a Will is better than not having a Will!


  1. I do not have an estate to hand down, it is only the kids and the will live with their Mum or Dad.

Depending on when your children were born, your Ex may not have automatic parental rights. Even if they do- what if you both die? Wouldn’t you want someone to be able to step into your shoes to help make decisions about your children?


  1. My Will is fairly old, but nothing has really changed in the past few years

It is not just your personal and financial circumstances that may mean that you need to alter your Will.  Taxation and other law changes over time and can affect the Will you made years ago. We recommend reviewing your Will every 5-7 years, to make sure it is fully up to date


  1. My Son/Daughter is planning on having children so I will make a Will once that has happened.

A stopgap Will would be infinitely better than no Will or an outdated Will.  It is possible to include future grandchildren in your Will without mentioning them by name. If you really want to, you can amend your Will to include a named grandchild once they have arrived.


Does this sound like you?  Have you been making these excuses?


To take advantage of Make a Will Month and to contribute towards the vital work of Willen Hospice, call 01908 662277 or email your request to

The scheme does only apply to straightforward Wills, but we are happy to have a conversation with you about our fees if your case proves to be more complex, for example, if yours is a second marriage and you have children from an earlier relationship. There is no obligation as part of Make a Will Month to leave a legacy to Willen Hospice however, if this is something you would like to consider please let us know.