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Notary Fees

The four cornerstones of message security are authorisation, integrity, non-repudiation and confidentiality. For centuries this has been provided by signatures and seals, paper, envelopes and code books. These same issues are being addressed within the context of electronic message security across the open internet. If e-commerce is to be taken up with confidence by governments and businesses across the globe, reliable solutions must be found.

Technologies such as PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) are being developed and/or commercially used to provide the needed technical security. There still remains the universal and procedural problem relating to whether or not transacting parties can rely confidently on the verification of identity of the certified holders of digital signatures used in electronic transactions.

Verification of identity is traditionally and uniquely the long established and globally recognised expertise of the Notary. Notaries are working towards meeting clients’ requirements for electronic notarisation of documents with a view to providing high assurance electronic trust services to government departments and businesses.

Some countries have already introduced the e-apostille e.g. Spain. The UK Government is working towards this. At present it has introduced the e-register of apostilles. Though this register anyone with the date of issue and the official number of a UK apostille will be able to check its authenticity. To use this service simply go to Verify Apostille