Legalisation Apostille

Legalisation with an Apostille

Legalisation with an Apostille sounds complicated and time consuming but it doesn’t need to be. We can manage the process on your behalf smoothly and efficiently ensuring that you have no need to worry. We can process the documents without delay. Contact Gareth Pobjoy 01908-355411 or Karen Sleep 01908-355426 and they will be able to advise you on cost and procedure and arrange legalisation of 1 or more documents with an Apostille speedily and cost effectively (within 24-48 working hours).

We can :-

  1. Check the documents are in order before submission to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) for legalisation with an apostille;
  2. Put your documents in a state which will meet the legalisation requirements;
  3. Confirm when documents have been received;
  4. Return documents legalised with an apostille within 24-48 hours of receipt;
  5. Confirm when documents have been returned to you with an apostille;
  6. Answer your queries.

The Legalisation Department of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) is near to our offices in Milton Keynes and we attend in person as a Registered Business User. Since the 1st April 2011 a member of the General Public cannot attend the office in person and would be required to legalise their documents via a postal service via online application. If the documents are not in the correct format after you post them to the FCO directly they will be returned to you for correction with consequential delays and further costs to you.   As a Registered Business User we are able to attend the FCO to obtain the Apostille on your behalf.

Please contact Gareth Pobjoy or telephone 01908-662277 to see if your documents need legalisation.

What our customers say

Dear Mr Pobjoy
I am writing to thank you for your help in guiding us through the complicated and confusing system necessary for my son to have his Degree and CRB documents Certified and Apostilled. My son gained a teaching post in South Korea and was becoming very stressed as no one here in Blackpool seemed to know what he had to do and the web instructions were, as mentioned above, extremely complicated and confusing. Time was also of the essence as the school would only hold the post for a short time before giving it to someone else who had their paperwork in order. I phoned you on Friday morning and sent the documents express. You received them Monday morning and delivered the Documents to The Legislative and Foreign Office, which I believe is next door to your offices, by hand You picked them up by hand on Tuesday and sent them back to us express. It is Wednesday morning and we have everything we need to give to the Courier to send to South Korea. Not only was this an amazing service but you successfully removed all the stress and uncertainty in the initial phone call as we immediately trusted the time line you gave us.
My son and I highly recommend your service.
Many thanks
Diane Wardle

Thanks for the good service. I recieved my certificates on Saturday. The Brish Embassy here were very impressed with the service you provided and you should get some recomendations from them in the future.


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