Notary Fees

Notary Fees, How much is a notary?

Notary fees are assessed mainly by reference to the time spent on the matter, on the basis of an hourly charging rate. Details of the hourly rates applicable to any particular matter are available on request.

Notary fees may also include an additional element reflecting other factors including value, importance, speed, complexity or special skills. Time spent includes reading, considering, drafting, correspondence, telephones and attendances.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office charge a fee of £30 for legalisation. Foreign embassy fees vary depending on embassy and/or type of document, ranging from £12 to over £100.

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Our Notary Public Services

You have recently notarised and arranged an Apostille Service for my daughter for her degree certificates and Disclosure document. I wanted to thank you very much (also on behalf of my daughter) for the quick and efficient service we have received from you .

Hi Karen,

Thank you very much for the swift transaction. It is truly amazing.

Kind Regards


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