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We are immortal


Several events recently have made me think about why people do and don’t write wills. I’m not yet sure of the reasons, but I have come to at least one conclusion for why they don’t bother- it’s often because they don’t realise that they should.

I was talking to a new member of staff here (who is about the age of my own children) who is planning on buying a first house as part of an unmarried couple. It set me thinking about young couples and why they really need wills, but they think it doesn’t matter if they don’t bother.

For a start, in our 20’s we are all immortal, aren’t we? There’s time to write a will later…until somebody explains the consequences of what happens if one of them dies unexpectedly.


You may be in for a shock


The survivor doesn’t get the share of the house owned by the one who has died. The family does. The survivor will be landed with the mortgage though and maybe not enough income to be able to pay it (not everyone takes out life insurance either). The survivor will quite probably have to bring a legal claim against the estate of their deceased partner to try and secure the roof over their head.

This means them claiming against the family that they may have had a wonderful relationship over time and it doesn’t always work out well for the future. How much more complicated if there are small children too.
I know this sounds like doom and disaster, but it can and does happen. I have at least one case in my workload at the moment. It’s distressing, stressful and unpleasant for all concerned, particularly as grief doesn’t very often lead to making good decisions.

Make a will. It can be as simple as you like- if you love someone enough to be with them in life, do the right thing to protect them if you die.


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