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Protect, Grow, & Exit


Joint Venture Agreements

Combine your resources without the commitment of a formal parternship

Agency Agreements

Using an agent will reduce your overheads and provide flexibility but is not without risk.

Distribution Agreements

Distribution agreements can be a great way to expand your business

Succession Planning

Avoid upset but creating your succession plan 

Selling a Company or Business

Make sure you carry out a full legal review ahead of your planned sale

Protecting Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property is cruical to the success of your business

Pre-pack administrations

                            Could they revive your business?                                                                  

Enterprise Management Incentive

A tax efficient and flexible incentive 

Mergers & Aquisitions

The main difference in mergers and aquisistions is who owns the company at the end

Terms & Conditions

Make sure your terms of business change with your company

Opportunities with insolvent businesses

Don’t discount businesses that are in trouble


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