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Agency agreements

Choosing someone to work with

There are many times when you may choose to work with an external partner under an agency agreement.  For example you may wish to instruct a sales agent to sell your goods or services or carry out negotiations on a property on your behalf.

Using an agent means you could benefit from highly skilled workers without the cost of employing them and the contract can be more flexible than if you were to take them on as employees.

It is not without risk

Using an agent however is not without risk.  When creating an agency agreement it is important to remove ambiguity as any difference in the agreement could end up being costly should you wish to end the relationship.  You may also want to govern the conduct of the agent or set targets.

Our experienced Lawyers can help you avoid the pitfalls of using agents including the impact of the commercial agent’s regulations.  If you feel you could benefit from some support in creating or checking your existing agent agreement please get in touch today.

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