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Distribution agreements

Building your distribution business

You will need to sign a distribution agreement should you decide to appoint a distributor or expand your business into new markets or territories by becoming a distributor yourself.

If you are appointing a distributor you are likely to be able to insist on terms that suit you; we can draft this document to protect your interests.  If you are being appointed a distributor we will take a pragmatic and commercial approach to the terms being requested by the brand owner; because we act for both brand owners and distributors we understand which amendments are likely to be acceptable.

The agreement should be comprehensive and as a starting point should cover the basis of appointment i.e. if the contract is with an exclusive, sole, or non-exclusive distributor as well as the duties of the distributor and supplier, minimum purchase targets, geographical restrictions and ending the agreement. Common pitfalls can be easily avoided by contacting us early on.

In addition we can advise you on how EU Competition Law is relevant for example in the area of vertical integration, pricing arrangements and brand and product control.

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