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Selling a Company or Business

This may be once in a lifetime.  Make it count


Selling your business may be one of the most exciting times you experience in your business life.  Getting it wrong could have a lasting impact on your future and could set back new projects or your retirement plans.

If you have decided to sell your company or business, or if you have just started planning your exit strategy there are many things you will need to take into consideration and much that can be done in advance to plan and make the sale proceed more smoothly.

We would recommend that you carry out a full legal review well ahead of your planned sale.  We can guide you through this process.

To help you we have invested in the latest technology available to enable due diligence to be processed quickly and can create an online deal room where the size and type of transaction warrant this.

At Heald solicitors, we know that consistent communication every step of the way is key to your peace of mind.

If you have any questions about the sale of your business or how to plan for your exit please call David Dees or Nick Crook on

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