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Business Structures

How do I start my business?

Setting up a new business is undoubtedly very exciting and something we thoroughly enjoy assisting with.

If you are a start-up you will need to consider from the outset whether to incorporate your business or to be a sole trader.  If you incorporate your business with other shareholders you will need a shareholder agreement and carefully considered articles.

If you decide that a partnership is better than a company you will need a partnership deed.  All these choices raise complex legal issues which Heald can help you with.

Mature businesses may need to consider more complex structures.  We can help you with company re-constructions including, de-mergers, consolidation, intra-group asset transfers or Section 110 liquidations.

Whilst every new venture starts with the best intentions, our experience tells us that making sure you are set up correctly in the first place could save you  time, pain, and money later should something go wrong.  Properly structured shareholder agreements and articles of association play an integral part in helping business owners achieve their goals.

At Heald solicitors, we know the value of clarity and the value of assisting you in creating legal frameworks that generate profit and lead to a rewarding exit.

Our specialist team of corporate lawyers are on hand to guide you through this minefield.

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