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When business does not run smoothly


Litigation can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. The immediate knock-on effect of a business dispute is disruption from core business. But in business people do not always see eye to eye and the reality is that disputes CAN BE a part of commercial life.

Heald’s litigation solicitors gives balanced realistic advice. It combines experience with responsive, tenacious and robust representation in Court, Arbitrations and Tribunals to achieve practical dispute resolution. Fundamental to our approach is to apply a commercial perspective to your dispute. All advice is considered in the context of how it will be cost-effective for you. Disputes need not always end up in Court. Our litigators also use their skills in other ways sometimes in negotiations and formal mediations, to protect clients’ interests and help clients get to a cost-effective resolution. An early strategic view on how to reach settlement is often the best way to protect your interests.

Our commercial litigation solicitors also work closely with the firm’s commercial and property lawyers to help our clients reduce their litigation risk and to better achieve their business objectives by avoiding unnecessary interference with their core business.

…and if a problem is developing, see if it can be nipped in the bud….

Before positions get entrenched advice from a litigator’s perspective often is the ounce of prevention that is worth the pound of cure.

Bank Litigation

We can help if you have been misold products by your bank

Property Litigation

Land, building, or contract disputes

IP & Trademark disputes

Intellectual property and confidential information can be a business’s most valuable asset

Technology, Construction, & Engineering

With tight deadlines and resources it is crucial to get the right advice early

Shareholder & Company Disputes

If your partnership is going through tough times or you are struggling to collect on invoices

Statutory Demands

Statutory demands are a useful tool in one’s debt recovery toolkit

Contract Disputes

Many businesses will be faced with contract disputes,  these can escalate quickly, disrupting your business


Occasionally, it becomes necessary to obtain urgent injunctive relief to protect our clients’ property and business interests.


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