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Bank Litigation

In recent years the Financial Services industry has been responsible for mis-selling a variety of products. These products have either been sold or used by the individual or the company. In either case, the regulatory structure and the grounds of the claim (i.e. breach of contract, misrepresentation, breach of statute or regulation) share common characteristics. Because our solicitors are experienced in operating within this legal framework, Heald has a strong track record of dealing successfully with banks that have not complied with their obligations.

Heald works treasury experts on claims in relation to derivatives (more colloquially known as interest rate swaps) and is preparing to assist clients to use the new compensation scheme announced by the FSA on 31 January 2013 after completion of its trial period.

Heald operates with others that have sector-specific expertise to provide a complete solution to SME’s who have interest hedge products that have been mis-sold and to which the FSA scheme applies.

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