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Commercial Mediation Service

A Businesslike Way Out of Deadlock


A businesslike way out of deadlock

You’re in a legal dispute that’s heading for the Courts. Your lawyers are fighting your corner, but an outcome still seems far off.

Risk, cost, stress and delay are inevitable.

You or your business managers will be distracted from your core business – and may have to stand up to hostile cross-examination in Court. Good lawyers explore every opportunity to negotiate a prudent, honourable settlement for their clients and Commercial Mediation could provide an efficient route to a solution.

However a proposal to negotiate might give a misleading impression of weakness, or be rebuffed as a tactical measure. Strength of feeling might get the better of one party or the other so that round-table discussions cannot get beyond point-scoring.

Mediation is the modern solution. The Courts strongly encourage Mediation and have refused to award costs to a winning party at trial who previously refused to mediate.

In that light, Mediation can be proposed without implying weakness – and the other side will be risking its own costs if it refuses.

Mediation is confidential, cost-effective and speedy. Above all, it has a high success rate in producing a binding settlement, usually after a session of one day or less. And there is no commitment to any proposals unless a binding settlement is agreed. Even if no settlement results, there can be no disclosure to the Court of proposals discussed in the Mediation.

The firm has two highly-trained Civil and Commercial Mediators, accredited by leading national bodies. We’re at the forefront of developments in meeting the needs of the business community for swift, economical disposal of troublesome disputes.

We provide a neutral Mediator where no party to the dispute is our client – each can keep its own legal team throughout the process. Our Mediator explores the case with each party in confidence. No judge, arbitrator or adjudicator can ever do that. Nor can any lawyer representing only one side of the argument. So our Mediator is uniquely placed to help identify and develop fruitful routes to settlement.

Quite simply, that’s why it’s so successful.

We can equally advise and represent our clients in a Mediation, where we are not providing the Mediator. Our experience in Mediation gives us the knowledge and the tactical approaches to help you get the best out of the process.

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