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Signing A New Lease Agreement

Moving into your new office

Moving into new premises is usually an exciting time for any business owner.

Whether you are looking at moving into your first office or moving your stock into a large warehouse the stress and anticipation are the same.

Before signing your lease it is important to ensure that you fully understand the terms of your lease agreement as the implications of committing to a lease are far greater than just the rent.

When setting a budget it is easy at the start of a lease to forget the potential final costs. Understanding the tenant’s repair obligations and what work must be done at the end of the lease before the lease is signed is vital.  At the end of the lease, you will usually be served with a Schedule of Dilapidations

Service Charges are often a sensitive issue. Landlords want to maintain maximum flexibility in what they might want to charge in years to come. Tenants will want to restrict expenditure where there is little-perceived benefit to them.

Rent on longer leases will usually be subject to Rent Review.

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