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Probate Information

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We help you deal with the administration of the estate of someone who has passed away quickly, efficiently and with the least expense.

The early stages

Once someone has passed away the Personal Representative is entitled to register the death, make the funeral arrangements and ensure that the deceased’s property (house, bank cards etc) is secure and insurances are maintained. The Personal Representative is the Executor(s) appointed in the Will or, if there is no Will, the closest relative(s).

Obtaining the Grant

We have a comprehensive Questionnaire, which, when completed, gives us nearly all the information we require to complete the application for the Grant of Representation (Probate). It is the Grant which authorises the Personal Representative to deal with the deceased’s assets and liabilities.

Administering the Estate

Once the Grant has been obtained we can assist you in realising the assets and paying the liabilities. This usually means selling the assets or transferring them to a beneficiary after paying for any liabilities. We can help you deal with all the legal aspects involved in those matters.

Winding Up

We produce comprehensive Estate Accounts so that you can see exactly what has happened. It also gives the value of all the assets at the date of death and the values realised on a sale or when they were cashed in (e.g. bank accounts). It will detail tax paid and shows the ultimate distribution between the beneficiaries.

Taking the strain

We understand the burden of responsibilities involved in administering an estate. Being accountable not only to the beneficiaries of the estate but also Tax Authorities and creditors can seem overwhelming. On your behalf we are here to take that burden off of your shoulders and ensure that all your responsibilities are properly discharged and beneficiaries receive their entitlement.

Varying the Will/Intestacy Rules

Bereavement is often a difficult time and emotions can run high. We will bring clarity and empathy to the situation and help you restore the status quo. If a Will or the Intestacy Rules need to be varied we can advise you.


We are also able to act for beneficiaries if they have concerns about the administration of the estate by Personal Representatives or would like advice on their beneficial entitlement.


Our fees are paid for by the estate unless it is very small or comprises property of which the beneficiaries wish to transfer rather than sell.

Our service pledge

We don’t want you to feel as though you have been left alone at any stage of the administration. Our kind and friendly support team will help you. We aim to return morning telephone calls the same day and afternoon telephone calls the following day, and to respond to letters within three days. If we need more time to consider or research a matter, we will tell you.

Each member of our team has experienced some form of bereavement. We understand how you will be feeling. Our highly trained team are used to the problems and finding the best solutions. We can make hard times easier, always with a focus on practical and cost effective solutions.

More information

Please call or email Abigail Howson, Gina Khera or Peter Harrison on 01908-662277 if you need help through the legal complexities of these issues.

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