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Collaborative Law

What Is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative Law is a new process for sorting out all aspects of divorce/dissolution and separation. Two trained collaborative lawyers’ help a couple resolve what to do at four-way meetings. Everyone signs a participation agreement – ruling out court. The whole focus is on constructive problem-solving as a team, with no threat of litigation.

New and Better Solutions for Old Problems

Collaborative Law was brought to the UK by Resolution in 2004 from America, where it has been so successful some courts have virtually nothing to do anymore! Mary Banham-Hall was one of the first hundred collaborative lawyers in the country, maintaining Heald Solicitor’s position at the cutting edge of dispute resolution processes.

Focus On Sorting Out the Arrangements

Not On Fighting Over Them

Collaborative Law is entirely suitable for complicated matters. The team will often ask a joint valuer, accountant or actuary expert to value property, companies or pensions and give advice on tax – saving schemes or the best ways of dividing assets.