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Complex Finance

Complex Cases

Some financial cases are difficult. You may be worried or even frightened about what is going to happen. How will you manage? Will it be fair? You may worry about being tricked or paying too much or getting too little. This is very understandable – and shows you need experienced help and support. You wouldn’t try and do your own dentistry – and you don’t know the right way to settle your divorce finances. Complicated cases are where we really come in. Our family lawyers make no apology for having a nerdish fascination with difficult financial situations and ensure they keep on top of developments that may help you.

  • Businesses – If one of you has a business – or businesses, whether incorporated, a sole trade, a partnership or a combination of these, we understand how to read business accounts and options for valuing businesses. We are used to working with accountants and other professionals to structure your settlement to best effect
  • Minority share-holdings, share options, discretionary bonuses – We can help with a range of creative solutions and have come across most problems before
  • Pensions – We are well used to helping people sort out their pensions on divorce. Where needed we work with specialist pensions actuaries regularly and can interpret and advise you on their reports so you understand your options. We help you to understand the issues, so you can make decisions about offers with confidence.
  • Property portfolios, farms and industrial and commercial properties – Frequently people have rental properties or Buy-to-Let portfolios. There may be other property or land with special considerations and potential development value. These may present special taxation and settlement considerations that are best addressed proactively to minimise the potential for Capital Gains Tax charges. Here speed is often important and if a fast settlement can be achieved then CGT charges may be (quite legally and legitimately) avoidable.
  • Best process for a fast resolution – This is usually what you want, not always but most people come through our doors asking us to get it sorted as soon as possible. So long as your nearly ex is co-operative we can set up a series of Collaborative Law sessions with his or her solicitor with a view to getting a fast settlement by agreement. Or if you both think you won’t be able to negotiate a deal but want it settled fast, we can set up an arbitration, which will take far less time than litigating. We can also use round table meetings or support you in mediation whether family or civil style. We can help how you want.
  • Court proceedings – This is the fall-back process if we are getting nowhere – the judge will set a time-table and enforce compliance with orders; eventually if we haven’t got a sensible settlement on the way to a trial, the court decides who gets what. We support you every step of the way and you know you’re in safe hands.

So if you’re worried about it being complicated – come and try us out. We will help you feel better about how you’ll cope, because we can cope for you.

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