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How to avoid a boundary dispute?

  How to avoid a boundary dispute   As a litigation solicitor with many years of experience, on countless occasions, I have been asked to provide advice to those already in a boundary dispute. The starting point is always the title deeds, and then a complete...

Austin Ray, Beesons, Ray Nixon Brown, Giffen Couch & Archer

Have you just received the news? Shock news for clients of Austin Ray and Beesons in Bletchley and Giffen Couch & Archer and Ray Nixon Brown in Leighton Buzzard came on the 12th August when these historic high street firms were closed down by the Solicitors...

Overwhelming feelings of divorce

  How to deal with an overwhelming divorce   Divorce can be devastating and is always life-changing. Coming to terms with the changes can cause anxiety and sometimes be overwhelming. You may feel alone and isolated at this time. Your spouse, who has been that “go...

Covid-19 – Business continuity

    Covid-19 Heald’s Approach   The Covid-19 pandemic is the most challenging situation since the financial crisis of 2008.  We have been closely monitoring events in order to ensure that we can maintain our services to you whilst keeping both you and our...

Can I change the locks on our family home following separation?

  Changing the locks without consent is unlawful   Can you change the locks on the jointly owned family home following separation? Is it legal to change the locks on the jointly owned family home following separation? Do you need the other person’s permission to...

Walk Of Life

      ICR Walk of Life On Friday 7 November over 100 supporters of the ICR got together for the 2 million step Walk for Life. This is an annual sponsored walk in the Lake District where groups each walk a route of different length and level of difficulty. This year...

When will we see a no blame divorce?

When will we see a no blame divorce?   A much awaited change is on the horizon for divorcing couples, which will overhaul the current fault-based system to a no blame divorce. The law in relation to divorce as it stands is extremely outdated and does not reflect...

LPA Application

​ LPA Applications    Following on from last month’s introduction to the Court of Protection where we discussed why having a Lasting Power of Attorney is necessary, I thought that giving a flavour of how the Court deals with LPA applications might be helpful. ...

Mental Health And Family Law Clients

      Today is World Mental Health Day, 10 October 2019, and as the general awareness about mental health issues increases, it seems appropriate that we become a little introspective and look at how we as individuals may have been affected by this illness. Either...

The potential effects of gifts, loans & trust on financial settlements between separating couples

It is common practice following the breakdown of a relationship for one party to argue that the money he/she received from his/her parents was a loan rather than a gift. The ex-partner will, in turn, want to argue it was a gift and it is sometimes difficult to decipher between the two.