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We prioritise the welfare of your children

When parents separate, the children are often caught in the middle. The most important decisions that parents make concern their children and the children’s wellbeing must always be the priority.

  • We will be able to assist you through this stressful and emotional time in reaching agreements about:
  • Who the child/children will live with;
  • How long the child/children will spend with the parent whom they are not living with;
  • The parental responsibilities of each parent;
  • Where the child/children will attend school;
  • Rights available to grandparents and wider family members;
  • And much more.

Here at Heald Solicitor, we can help you through this challenging process while offering you comprehensive legal advice. We take a thoughtful and sensitive approach when dealing with children matters and advise our clients on the best course of action while maintaining the basic stance that the courts will apply the wellbeing of the children and what is in the children’s best interests.

Our family lawyers are members of Resolution for Family Lawyers, which means that we seek a constructive and non-confrontation approach to dealing with children matters.


Arrangements For Children

When you separate from your partner we understand there may be complications when deciding on the care arragements.

Court Proceedings - Children

Occasionally you will need the support of a court in order to finalise the arragements for your children.