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We’ll help you untangle them.


Specialist financial solicitors in Milton Keynes.

When you are going through a separation and need a specialist family finance solicitor, Heald will guide you through the process of settling your complex financial matters. A relationship breakdown is a difficult time, but having an expert to untangle financial affairs enables you to concentrate on other aspects of your life that may also need your attention.

If you are starting to think about divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership, we suggest you read our divorce page first.

We are highly experienced in a wide range of areas relating to financial matters, so we have the knowledge and the insight to find the most practical solutions and obtain the best outcomes.

Heald provide expert advice in relation to the settlement of:

  • The Former Family Home
  • Other Properties
  • Pensions
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Companies & Businesses
  • Shares and Other Investments
  • Family Trusts
  • Offshore Assets
  • Prenuptial Agreements

Heald will provide advice on how to preserve and protect your non-matrimonial assets, unpicking your financial position and ensuring your children are provided for. We will advise you on the immediate practical measures you should take. For example, in some instances it is sensible to have a Separation Agreement, which deals with interim financial arrangements such as, who will pay the mortgage and household bills; interim maintenance; short-term living arrangements for you and any children; and childcare arrangements.

We treat every case with the utmost care and consideration. As always, your case is confidential, and we will work with you to resolve even the most complicated financial assets and arrangements.


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Why choose Heald to be your family finance lawyers?

We have decades of experience in helping people across the country and beyond, from a wide variety of backgrounds. This means we have the foresight to understand your situation. Every case is different and we take the time to understand your individual issues, and explain your options to you as clearly as possible. Having come across a diverse range of financial law issues, you can trust us to give you sound and realistic advice. We will support and assist you without judgement, and our aim is to protect your financial interests, and those of any children.

We’re proud to be an inclusive practice and welcome everyone with sensitivity.

Every set of financial arrangements are unique, and we therefore work closely with you to understand your objectives and priorities so that we can advise you as to the appropriate next steps. Our open-minded, empathetic and honest approach means that we tailor our advice to suit your particular needs. We look at the bigger picture, taking into account your individual circumstances and history.

As members of Resolution, we use a conciliatory approach wherever possible and encourage the parties to resolve financial matters voluntarily through negotiations, to save the time and expense of court proceedings. However, we are pro-active where necessary and take the initiative to protect assets which are in danger of being dissipated or dispersed. We are highly-skilled negotiators and frequently settle even the most acrimonious financial cases by strategically presenting the facts of the case to achieve a conclusion favourable to our clients, in a way which also serves in the interests of the other party. Where negotiation is not possible, we advise that court proceedings are issued in a timely manner and then use various techniques to promote an early settlement. If a case goes to a final hearing, we instruct expert barristers in accordance with the needs of your case, and we make clear and concise submissions to the court on your behalf.

We are with you every step of the way, if that is what you require of us. Alternatively, we are here to give you advice and assistance, as and when it is needed.

If there are issues with being able to afford legal fees or pay bills, we can make the necessary urgent court application for Maintenance Pending Suit, or consider entering into a Sears Tooth Agreements with clients who have matrimonial assets with sufficient net equity.

Your wellbeing is our priority. We look beyond your legal issues, to help you find any extra support that is needed. This may include referring you for mediation, counselling, other support services, and alternative therapy where appropriate.

Our holistic approach sets us apart: we consider all angles to ensure the best financial outcomes that will give you and your family the freedom to enjoy life.


Get to know us at your free 10 minute, no-obligation call back, at a time that suits you.

Meet our Friendly Family Law Specialists

Keshini Rajendra

Senior Associate Family Law

Keshini Rajendra is a Senior Solicitor, and has been helping families since she qualified as a Family Solicitor in 2001.

With 20 years of experience in Family Law, Keshini has an LLB (Hons) Degree in Law and a post-graduate diploma in Legal Practice. Keshini successfully completed the first part of a Diploma in Counselling and is currently in the process of concluding the Advanced Counselling Skills Course. Her intuitive approach coupled with her background in counselling helps her to empathise with her clients and empowers them come to terms with difficult circumstances.

Keshini is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher in training, and her ethos is that a mindful and holistic approach will produce more satisfying long-term outcomes for her family clients.

Keshini also undertakes voluntary work at various private hospitals in North London,
supporting therapists with in-patients who have suffered from trauma and PTSD.

As a member of Resolution, Keshini adopts their principles and guidelines to help achieve a constructive resolution for her family clients.

Keshini undertakes all aspects of Family Law, with a special interest in family cases with an international element, and in resolving complex financial matters for high net-worth clients.

Read more about Keshini

Vyonne Manuel

Solicitor Family Law

Vyonne Manuel is a Solicitor within our Family Department, and chose to specialise in Family Law because of her passion for helping people. Since qualifying as a Solicitor in 2018, Vyonne has helped countless families get the best results, whatever their background or circumstances.

With a Law Degree from Kingston University, and many other professional law courses on her CV, Vyonne is also a member of Resolution.

Vyonne undertakes all aspects of Family Law, and particularly enjoys assisting her clients through difficult negotiations.

Vyonne is kind and considerate and does a lot of voluntary/charity work in her spare time.

Read more about Vyonne


Get to know us at your free 10 minute, no-obligation call back, at a time that suits you.