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Mortgage & Property Transfers

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Heald’s family team can help you, giving you legal advice and help from a team who adopt a constructive and non-aggressive approach to solving the problems of separation, dissolution and divorce.”

The early stages:

Just when you are emotionally least able to cope with practicalities, such matters must be addressed.

People who are going through a separation or divorce often feel bewildered and vulnerable. They need considerable support and guidance through the legal maze.

There may be many issues that can’t be ignored at such times, including:

  • What if your spouse/civil partner won’t agree to a divorce/dissolution?
  • What arrangement should we make for the children?
  • Sorting out what happens to the house and other assets.
  • Dealing with businesses share options or foreign property.
  • Working out what to do about pensions
  • Applying for interim maintenance if you have been left with no money.

Our Family Law team will help you with these issues and more. We will identify practical solutions and help you to make arrangements for the future.

What’s more, we can put you in touch with the best experts to help with other problems. You might want to see a counsellor if you are experiencing stress problems or a financial advisor if you need help with pensions or mortgages.


We are experienced in helping clients sort out how to divide their assets when some are tied up in businesses shares or share options.


Our team have made a special study of the new and developing law regarding pensions. The pension is often the most substantial asset in a marriage/civil partnership, so our expertise will be invaluable in helping you achieve long-term security in retirement.


Disagreements over children can be especially worrying. Just when you are at your lowest ebb, so are they. It is usually vital to maintain a child’s relationship with both parents. However, children often have their own views, and there may be specific issues to be sorted out.

Our team are especially sensitive to the management of children matters. We will put the children’s interests first and look for solutions that are best for your separated family in the long run.

Through to settlement:

One of the most important tasks is to resolve the financial issues. The assets will need to be divided up, and there will be a number of factors taken into account. These include your and your partner’s ages, your respective financial needs, your previous standard of living and your and your partner’s earning capacities.

In most cases, we are able to agree on a settlement that avoids the need for a trial. This is achieved by voluntary financial disclosure and negotiation with your partner’s solicitors.

Where settlement isn’t achieved through negotiation, proceedings will be issued, and the court will specify a timetable. Even in these cases, most settle during the proceedings without the need for a trial.

Our service pledge:

We don’t want you to feel as though you have been left alone at any stage of the separation or divorce process. Our kind and friendly support team will help you when your lawyer is unavailable. We aim to return morning telephone calls the same day and afternoon telephone calls the following day, and to respond to letters within three days. If we need more time to consider or research a matter, we will tell you.

Managing the costs:

Payment is usually on a pay-as-you-go basis, spreading your costs over several months. In some cases, we will make special arrangements with clients for our costs to be paid from the final settlement.

You might be eligible for public funding. If you are, Focus Family Mediation Ltd, our associated mediation provider, can deliver publicly funded mediation for those who qualify financially. Legal Aid for family cases, apart from a few exceptions, is coming to an end with effect from April 2013. Please do not worry if you think you cannot get legal advice because you cannot get Legal Aid. Our family team can provide you with legal advice when you are on a limited budget, DIY separation and divorce.

You are not alone

It’s sad but true that many people have been through a family breakdown. Our highly trained team are used to the problems and finding the best solutions. We can make hard times easier, always with a focus on practical and cost-effective solutions.

Your next step

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