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Pension sharing orders

Pension arrangements when divorcing/dissolving a civil partnership

Pension sharing orders

Pension sharing is available in all cases which where a divorce or dissolution petition has been issued. Pension sharing makes it possible to divide pensions on divorce so that they start and stop when the recipient retires and dies, rather than the original pensioner. They do not lapse on remarriage/new civil partnership is entered into and a pension share would become the property of the person receiving it.
Pension attachment order (formerly ‘ear-marking’)

If your divorce/dissolution petition was issued after 1 July 1996 you could apply for a pension attachment order against your spouse’s pension in appropriate circumstances. Whether such an order is suitable for you will depend on various factors on which you will need advice. However, attachment orders are now very rare, as Pension sharing orders are usually the preferred option.

The need for expert advice

Pensions are very complicated. It is highly likely that specialist financial advice would be needed as well as individual legal advice. Any proposed pension order has to be served on the pension Trustees of the scheme, who have a right to be heard by the Court on the issue.

If you have questions around pension sharing orders, please call Dawn Millar on 01908 662277 who will happily discuss your options.

This information is designed to be neutral and will be given to everyone to whom it is relevant. It is not designed to replace detailed legal advice tailored to your particular circumstances. It is intended to help you identify some options which may be open to you. It is not for reproduction and may not be used in any other context.