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Well. Here I go again on the Extramile Challenge.

At least I know what I’m doing these days….


Extramile exists to raise charity funds which it then applies to other charities. It takes no profit from its activities. Each team also raises funds that they then give to charities of their own choosing. In the years of its existence, well over £1, 000, 000.00 has been raised simply because some people give up their time and others opt to sponsor them.

When I joined the firm in 2016, I was told that the team was arranged, but was then asked to join because someone had to pull out. I had no idea of the organised chaos I would experience- nor the level of camaraderie and genuine care for others that the event represents.
This year, we are in the Auvergne region of France- a beautiful area. Unfortunately, this may not make for comfortable cycling! With a ride length of 500 miles, even as a team of four and ridden in relays, it’s like doing 4 or 5 10 mile time trials in a day. For three days.

Wish us luck! 

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