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Shareholder and Company Disputes Solicitors specialising in Shareholder and Company Disputes in Milton Keynes

Disputes between shareholders, companies and their directors can be damaging to a business and can stifle an organisation’s ability to develop and grow. Addressing difficulties as soon as they arise is key to preventing an issue from escalating.

At Heald Solicitors in Milton Keynes, we understand that sometimes the competing interests of directors and shareholders can bring a business to a standstill. We are experienced in helping resolve such conflicts and mitigating commercial damage. We can explain the options and advise on methods of resolution that help protect both personal and corporate interests. We can advise you of your rights in a dispute and suggest a path to resolving a disagreement without the need for a court hearing.

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We are experienced in helping resolve such conflicts and mitigating commercial damage.

Types of shareholder and company dispute

The relationship between shareholders and company directors can be difficult if differences arise. Typical disputes include the following:

  • Disagreements over major decisions or the direction the company is taking;
  • Concerns over management of the company or performance of directors;
  • Dispute between the directors;
  • Failure to keep shareholders notified about the company’s financial affairs;
  • Failure to include shareholders in company meetings;
  • Failure to keep shareholders informed of key company decisions;
  • Alleged breach of duty by a director or directors;
  • Conflict of interest on the part of a director.

Our solicitors know the best methods of resolving commercial disputes whilst minimising any disruptions to company performance.

Resolving shareholder and company disputes

It is always recommended that legal advice be sought as soon as possible when a dispute arises to provide you with the best chance of resolving the dispute at an early stage and to preserve the evidence. We are often able to intervene early to find an acceptable solution before a disagreement escalates.

We will advise you of your rights, both legally and under the company articles of association and suggest ways of resolving the issue. This could be by passing a resolution, changing the directorship or entering into negotiations with the other parties involved.

Where a disagreement is intractable, we can represent you in mediation where a neutral third party will help find a solution.


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At Heald Solicitors, our shareholder and company dispute lawyers deal with disagreements across a range of businesses. While our office is in Milton Keynes, we regularly work with clients throughout England and Wales, often remotely, meaning that you can expect the same expert legal advice and excellent client care wherever you are located.

If you wish to talk to an expert shareholder or company dispute solicitor, please get in touch with our legal expert David Dees .

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