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Financing Property Transactions Specialist property finance solicitors in Milton Keynes

The right finance is essential for success in property transactions, with time often being of the essence in ensuring a deal goes ahead. At Heald Solicitors in Milton Keynes, we act for clients taking on financing for property purchases across a range of sectors.

Our commercial property solicitors have in-depth experience in property finance including investment, acquisition, development, refinancing and building property portfolios. We act for clients who require funding for single property acquisitions as well as those with large property portfolios and are experienced in dealing with commercial lending against a range of securities.

We have a strong commercial focus and will work with your business to ensure that your finance arrangements proceed without delay. We understand the importance of working proactively to ensure that all of the lender’s requirements are met and that the finance aspect of your deal goes smoothly.

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At Heald Solicitors in Milton Keynes, we act for clients taking on financing for property purchases across a range of sectors.

Dealing with property finance requirements

When you take on finance to fund your property transaction, the lender will have a substantial number of requirements that must be met. The size of the loan might mean separate lawyers act for the funder. We will start work on meeting the funder’s requirements and carrying out the necessary searches, enquiries, and investigations as soon as we receive the initial paperwork from the seller’s solicitor or the funder’s lawyers. We will check the strict requirements of loan documents and make amendments to minimise the risks to you.

Finalising your property financing

We will always aim to complete matters to meet your deadlines and once we have carried out the necessary checks for your lender, we will liaise with their team to ensure they are ready and willing to proceed with the funding in time for your completion or drawdown date.

With many years of experience and expertise in secured lending, we can help you minimise any risks. We can guide you safely and securely through your commercial property transaction whilst providing pragmatic advice and understanding the commercial nature of finance deals. We appreciate that lending is often critical to the successful completion of a property deal and can work to tight time constraints.


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Services at a glance

We can act for you in all aspects of your commercial property financing, including the following:

  • Advising on the terms of the loan – to ensure you understand the full extent of the liability you are taking on;
  • Fulfilling lender’s requirements – ensuring all points are dealt with well in advance of completion;
  • Acquisition and investment finance – helping you acquire property for investment;
  • Development and construction finance – making sure your development and construction projects can go ahead without delay.
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For expert advice contact our property financing solicitors

At Heald Solicitors our commercial property team are experienced in dealing with financing property transactions. While our office is in Milton Keynes, we regularly work with clients throughout England and Wales, often remotely, meaning that you can expect the same expert legal advice and excellent client care wherever you are located.

If you wish to talk to a commercial property solicitor, please get in touch with our legal expert Caroline Wilton .

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