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Transfers of Ownership / Transfers of Equity Solicitors in Milton Keynes specialising in the transfers of property ownership or property equity

There are numerous reasons why you may wish to transfer ownership of a property including the death of an owner, a divorce, or a separation or because you wish to transfer your home into joint names with someone else.

At Heald Solicitors in Milton Keynes, we will deal quickly and sensitively with your transfer so that your property is held in the way that you wish.

A property transfer requires a legal transfer document to be completed, signed by all of the parties and registered at HM Land Registry. You should always take legal advice from an expert property solicitor before signing to be sure that you understand your rights and that the transfer is in your best interests.

We can advise you as to the implications of the transfer, whether it is into your sole name, into joint names with someone else or you are transferring your share to another person.

Our residential property team are experienced in dealing with all types of transfer, including more complicated matters involving trusts or divorce.

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Transfer into joint names

If you are transferring a property into joint names with someone else, there are two ways in which you can own the property:

Joint tenants – You will both own the whole property in equal shares and should one of you die, the property will automatically become wholly owned by the survivor. This means that you cannot leave it in your Will to someone else.

Tenants in common – You each own separate shares in the property. You will specify what proportion you each hold, so it does not need to be half each. You can leave your share to someone else in your Will.

There are legal implications to both types of ownership, and we will talk these through with you to ensure that you choose the correct one for your situation.

Transfer into your sole name

If a property is to be transferred into your sole name, you will need the consent of any mortgage lender. Once the transfer is complete, you will be solely liable for the mortgage and any other liabilities relating to the property.

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Property transfer between family members

There can be tax and inheritance implications in transferring property between family members, for example, from parents to children. Our residential conveyancing solicitors can explain these to you and ensure that the transaction you are proposing is the most beneficial and that your rights and interests are safeguarded.

Transfer following a death

If a property is to be transferred following someone’s death, we can advise you on any Inheritance Tax implications. Once the property has been transferred, we will arrange for registration of ownership at HM Land Registry.


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For expert property transfer advice, contact our residential conveyancing solicitors

At Heald Solicitors, we can deal with your transfer quickly and efficiently so that your property ownership reflects your wishes.

If you have a property that you wish to transfer, either in Milton Keynes or elsewhere, please get in touch with our legal expert Uzma Saleem.

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Why choose Heald Solicitors, Milton Keynes, to be your residential conveyancing lawyers?

We understand how stressful moving house can be and we will work proactively to ensure that there are no avoidable delays. We will keep you updated as to progress and make sure that we are easily contactable to discuss the situation and answer any questions you may have.

We represent clients in all types of property transaction including; new-build homes, leasehold property, and complex transactions with properties with complicated titles or unusual features. We act for high-net-worth clients buying large multi-million pound properties and also people purchasing rural properties that include outbuildings and land.

We also act for property investors who may have a portfolio of buy-to-let premises and/or HMOs or who wish to purchase land for development.

Whatever type of property you are buying or selling, whether it is in Milton Keynes or elsewhere, we can represent you to ensure that the whole process is as easy and stress-free as possible for you.

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Get to know us wih a call back, at a time that suits you. Let us offer some guidance and direction to start your journey with Heald Solicitors today.