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Price Guide | Heald Solicitors

Debt Collection - Pre Action Heald's Price Guide for Pre Action

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Pre-action covers the calculation of interest owed and the preparation of a letter before claim. A letter before claim, sometimes referred to as a ‘letter before action' is a letter putting a person on notice that court proceedings may be Brough against them.

Effective Debt collection requires clients to have terms and conditions and their credit chasing system in place. Heald can advise and assist on this if necessary.

The debt recovery process is only suitable for undisputed debts.



The time scale for drafting letter before claim 1-2 days.


What is involved?

  • Review the documentation and calculate the statutory interest owed.
  • Prepare letter before claim.
  • Advice on Pros/Cons of court action if letter before claim does not resolve the issue.

The time scale for drafting a letter before claim is one or two days.


Our Rates and Fees

  • Pre-action Advice Fee£300(£250 + VAT)