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Use someone who knows what they are doing to prepare your will!

Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I? I’m a solicitor and this is my area of work.
Your immediate thought was probably “And how much is that going to cost?” That’s nearly always the first question that I’m asked when I get an enquiry.
You might think “I’ll just go and do it myself” but a couple of my experiences may help you to think twice…….

Avoid Confusion 

When a soldier goes on active service, the Army checks if they have a will. If they don’t, they have to make one. On a pre-printed form and, it seems, without much advice.

How does “I make my Dad my executor. I leave it all to my kids. But there is my parent’s mortgage too” sound?

The soldier was married but separated from his wife and the children were both under 10. That Will resulted in Dad trying to take almost the entire estate to pay off the mortgage, thinking he could just give what was left to the children because they were only tiny. This lead the wife taking Dad to court to fight for what she thought was right- “all to my kids”, meaning there wasn’t actually anything left for the mortgage.
This caused the family a lot of unnecessary upset not to mention the cost of this legal battle. All due to the wording not being clear.

Double Trouble

There was also a case where despite the pre-printed instructions, there were two homemade Wills found after somebody died. They named different executors and left the money to different people.

Both were undated and it was impossible to tell which will was the last one- and the law says that it’s the last will that gets admitted to probate. You can imagine the hurt, distress and anger in that situation.

In both cases, the person making the will either thought that they were saving money by a DIY will, or they were a bit scared of talking to a solicitor.

Resolving problems like these can end up in Court and cost thousands. In the Army case, the estate was no more than £70,000.00, so it isn’t always estates with millions that have problems.

The real cost 

At Heald Solicitors we draft wills starting at £250.00 plus VAT. I promise you that we are good value for money (and not scary either!)

We will not make the process over complicated, we ensure the Will is done correctly so you have peace of mind that the rightful people inherit your estate after you are gone.

Of course, if you would like a chat about your situation we would be happy to talk. Please call us on 01908 226677