Austin Ray, Beesons, and others in shock closure
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Austin Ray, Beesons, Ray Nixon Brown, Giffen Couch & Archer

Have you just received the news?

Shock news for clients of Austin Ray and Beesons in Bletchley and Giffen Couch & Archer and Ray Nixon Brown in Leighton Buzzard came on the 12th August when these historic high street firms were closed down by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA). These firms had all been purchased by Kingly Solicitors Limited over the last couple of years.

The SRA intervened into all of the offices of Kingly Solicitors Limited stating that this company was not complying with one or more terms of its licence. When the SRA intervene, the firm closes with immediate effect, and the SRA takes charge of all of the files and client money. The intervention aims to protect the clients from loss and only happens with the SRA believes something has gone seriously wrong.

The SRA has also suspended the practising certificates of Kingly’s 3 directors, Champika Ratnayake, Simon Hutcheson and Simon Crosby Peacock with immediate effect. In a statement, the body added that “there is reason to suspect dishonesty on the part of Nurul Miah as a manager of the firm.

What now for existing clients?

The SRA has moved all files to Devonshires Solicitors LLP or Gordons LLP who have been engaged to handle matters for now. Neither of these firms is based locally.

How you can retain a personal local service?

If this intervention affects you and you need immediate advice, then please contact Heald Solicitors in Bletchley.

  • Are you partway through selling or buying your house?
  • Do you urgently need a will?
  • Do you have family problems?
  • Is your will now held in London or Bradford? Do you want it kept locally?
  • Please call to discuss how we might help you.

We are already helping some of Kingly Solicitors’ clients who need a local solicitor urgently. Being located out of town near Ikea in Bletchley and only fifteen minutes drive from Leighton Buzzard we have plenty of free parking. Our spacious offices have been arranged to meet all of the social distancing needs to keep you safe so why not visit us and use the professional services of a local firm here to support you.

If you would like to speak to one of our specialist solicitors instead of completing the online form please, call on 01908 662277.

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