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Heald Solicitors takes on another trainee

Alexander Windo 0001

Heald Solicitors are pleased that Alex Windo has joined the firm as a trainee solicitor. Alex is the firm's first trainee under the new SQE training protocol. Over the next two years, Alex will have a number of seats across a number of departments in the firm whilst sitting the SQE exams that have replaced the LPC postgraduate training.

Alex's first seat is in the corporate department where he supports David Dees on a range of legal work from contracts to mergers and acquisitions.

Alex said :

“After working with the firm as a paralegal for some time and taking a sabbatical year to complete a Masters's Degree in law I am delighted to return as a trainee and look forward to becoming a solicitor in the firm soon.”

David said :

“Alex takes on any task with enthusiasm and dedication. I am pleased that the firm and profession can look forward to another excellent solicitor in the future.”