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Price Guide | Heald Solicitors

Debt Collection - Start Court Proceedings Heald's Price Guide for Starting Court Proceedings

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Debt collection is a process and has several different stages. If a debtor doesn't pay when they receive a pre-action notice then court proceedings are necessary to force the payment of the debt.

This is stage is ‘Start Court Proceedings’ and details the costs associated with this stage in the process.


What is involved?

  • Review the documentation and calculate the statutory interest owed.
  • Prepare letter before claim.
  • Advice on Pros/Cons of court action if letter before claim does not resolve the issue.

Our Rates and Fees

  • Debt Amount up to £3,000£300-£600(£250-£500 + VAT)
  • Debt Amount £3,001-£5,000£600(£500 + VAT)
  • Debt Amount £5,001-£10,000£900-£1,199(£750-£999 + VAT)
  • Debt Amount £10,001-£200,000£1,200-£1,800(£1,000-£1,500 + VAT)
  • Debt Amount over £200,001Please contact us


In addition to our fees, there is a Court fee to pay via money claims online. Court fees are charged as disbursements. They are added to the debt and are recoverable from the debtor. Please note that there is no VAT payable on court fees.

For up-to-date court fees please visit fees