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Consulting FirmsLegal Experts

We are specialist solicitors in Milton Keynes who understand the consulting industry.

At Heald Solicitors, our solicitors can work with your business or consultancy firm to draw up robust consultancy agreements for your professional relationships.

We are specialist solicitors in Milton Keynes who understand the consulting industry

At Heald Solicitors in Milton Keynes we advise businesses, consultants, and consultant firms about consultancy agreements. We know the questions to ask and the legal structure to put in place to provide safeguards.

If you work as a consultant or your business uses consultants, it is important to put the right legal framework in place for your relationship. Consultants can offer huge benefits to an organisation, bringing specialist skills and expertise without the need to take on a full-time employee. But it is crucial to ensure your business interests are adequately protected, that the relationship is clearly defined and that both parties understand exactly what is expected of them.

The role of consulting firms

Consultants fulfil the specialist needs of businesses in a wide variety of roles. They generally have a high level of expertise and will also bring a fresh perspective to a problem. A consultant may be asked to provide help in improving certain areas of a business, such as productivity or efficiency, or they may be needed to carry out complex work that no one else within the business is qualified to do. Areas in which consultants are frequently used include IT, finance, marketing, HR and engineering.

Engaging a consulting firm

For a successful partnership with a consultant or consultant firm, it is important to clearly define what you expect to be carried out. The agreement between you will contain details of this as well as basic issues such as the term of the contract, payment, IR-35 compliance and where the consultant will work.

Issues such as data protection, insurance cover and confidentiality should be included. It is also important to consider intellectual property and if this is likely to be created by the consultant. The agreement should deal clearly with ownership of any intellectual property so that disputes can be avoided.

Did you Know? Range of Sectors

We deal with consultants across a range of sectors as well as businesses looking to bring in outside help.

Key Advice All the more

Make sure you include as much detail as possible in your consultancy agreement so that both parties understand what is required of them and the legal implications of entering into the contract.


Why Heald? Experience Matters

Our commercial team have a good understanding of what makes for a successful collaboration between businesses and consultants. We can put the right agreement in place to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.